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Our Three-Part Promise to You
Fiduciary Standard
We believe every client should work with a fiduciary and that's because they are held to a higher legal standard. If you feel your financial advisor is not placing your interests first, then PGAM as your RIA of choice can provide you the experience you deserve. Our interests are fully aligned with our clients and our partners are personally invested in our strategies.
Total Transparency
We believe each client should have transparency in both the investments they hold and the fees they pay. Each quarter, our clients are provided simple & clean, yet detailed quarterly reports including individual account holdings, performance, and fees. We only charge as a percentage of assets under management and make no commissions. Charles Schwab is our preferred third-party custodian who also provides independent statements.
Timely Delivery
We prepare a personalized solution for today's investment landscape and facilitate your accounts moving to our management. By partnering with you to discover your needs and preferences, we will create a long-term solution and help implement a financial plan.
Our Strengths
Firm founded in 2008 by current managing partners
Client investment publications
Top technology and research capabilities
In-house investment strategies
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