Investment Solutions
Investment Solutions We Provide
Global Equity
The PGAM Global Equity strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation with flexible global diversification. The strategy is comprised of our investment team’s highest conviction ideas and is not constrained by geographic borders and style boxes.
Dividend Growth
The PGAM Dividend Growth strategy seeks dividend income compounding and principal appreciation. The portfolios invest in securities of companies with strong free cash flow generation and healthy balance sheets with the ability to grow dividend payments.
Intelligent ETF Strategy
The PGAM Intelligent ETF strategy combines passive and active investing by constructing portfolios of exchange traded funds based on fundamental research. The goal of the strategy is outperforming the global markets over the long-term while providing effective diversification. Portfolio asset allocations are client specific and consider both investment goals and time horizons to maximize the benefits of long-term market participation.
Balanced portfolios are a combination of Equity and Fixed Income investments. The ratio is based on the specific needs of the the client focusing on a need for income and a desire to reduce risk through asset class diversification.

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